Black diesel smoke causes engine wear

Black diesel smoke causes wear. That’s because the same abrasive soot particles that make up black diesel smoke also get into the oil, where they act as a grinding paste, slowly but insidiously wearing away metal from every lubricated part of the engine. But there is a fully tested and proven way of slowing this engine wear just by using the FTC Decarbonizer in the fuel. Diesel smoke and engine wear are dramatically reduced once the engine has be decarbonized. In fact, engines typically last a good 25% longer. FTC Decarbonizer has doubled, tripled and even quadrupled service life, in [...]


How to stop DPF filters blocking.

Don't let a blocked DPF filter cost you thousands. DPF filters blocking generally arise where city driving, excessive idling or light duty cycles are encountered. Or, if other engine components such as EGR valves, turbochargers, injectors are fouled or not working properly. DPF regeneration cycles then become more frequent, and more prolonged! And…more serious! DPF’s often need replacing at a cost of $5,000-$10,000, and in some cases, are not covered under new vehicle warranty! Excessive regens can dramatically reduce engine life, as it causes your engine oil to become heavily diluted with diesel fuel. The solution is to assist the fuel [...]


What is engine blowby and how to fix it …

What is engine blowby There’s a big window of opportunity on how to fix engine blowby problems, before serious engine wear occurs. Most drivers can easily tell when thing aren’t quite right, for example: Engines suffering with Blowby usally show signs of: Engine is tired and down on power Engine is starting to breathe heavy with increased crank case fumes Increasing oil consumption Producing excess exhaust smoke Engine blowby, smoke and oil use are related issues that, if ignored, can turn into very expensive repairs. Fortunately, in over 80% of cases this can be corrected at low cost, and without any [...]


Diesel Engine oil sludge buildup can destroy your engine 

Engine Sludge…Act quickly! Or it’ll kill your engine! How to remove engine oil sludge “ How to remove engine sludge is on the top of the agenda again…” Engine sludge affects both petrol and diesel engines, and is surprisingly common. Engine Sludge is a gooey, tarlike deposit that reduces or shuts off oil circulation and can mean thousands of dollars to repair or replace an engine that has seized. Sludge also directly causes oil consumption, power loss, high fuel consumption, oil pressure problems, hard starting, blow by and overheating. The problem is well recognized globally, by motoring authorities, and the mechanical [...]

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