Black diesel smoke causes wear.

That’s because the same abrasive soot particles that make up black diesel smoke also get into the oil, where they act as a grinding paste, slowly but insidiously wearing away metal from every lubricated part of the engine. But there is a fully tested and proven way of slowing this engine wear just by using the FTC Decarbonizer in the fuel. Diesel smoke and engine wear are dramatically reduced once the engine has be decarbonized.

In fact, engines typically last a good 25% longer. FTC Decarbonizer has doubled, tripled and even quadrupled service life, in severe cases where some engines have suffered extremely shortened life.

Did you know that black diesel smoke causes engine wear?

Soot particles before using FTC Decarbonizer

Soot particles before using FTC Decarbonizer

Soot particles reduced after using FTC Decarbonizer

Soot particles reduced after using FTC Decarbonizer

In 1991, Cost Effective Maintenance observed that the average soot particle diameter in lube oil was reduced to one-third, when FTC Decarbonizer was continually used in the fuel, in comparison to non-treated fuel. This evidence supported field observations of longer engine life and reduced component wear.

The mechanism behind this reduction in wear has also been backed up by findings from the University of WA in 2012, which noted that diesel exhaust soot particles were fewer and much smaller when the fuel was treated with FTC Decarbonizer, as you can see from their below magnifications:

The engine from this Komatsu 630E dump truck came from a Rio Tinto mine site in Queensland, which had operated its whole life (over 23,000 hr) on FTC Decarbonizer treated fuel. While the service hours were well above average, what was really impressive was the actual condition of the engine.

The almost complete lack of wear suggested the engine could have been capable of 50,000hr before a full rebuild was required!

Black diesel smoke means engine wear…

Benefits of using FTC Decarbonizer:Diesel Fuel Additive to reduce diesel exhaust smoke

  • Almost totally free of hard carbon.
  • Minor ash build on piston crowns.
  • Crankcase free of sludge.
  • All piston rings free in their grooves.
  • All pistons reusable (minor buffing of one piston skirt required)
  • Piston rings serviceable (80% of the piston face showed no wear)
  • Big end bearings serviceable.
  • Main bearings serviceable.
  • Crankshaft reusable.
  • Camshaft (slight case hardening loss on #4 big end journal)

FTC Decarbonizer is truly unique, but it’s just one means of extending engine life. To find out more, visit our website. Or to see the Komatsu 630E’s broken down cylinder and piston in detail, check out our latest video explaining black diesel smoke, and how to correct it:

For more info on how to avoid diesel exhaust smoke contact the team at Cost Effective Maintenance

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