Stop Smoke Pack Diesel

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Stop Diesel Exhaust Smoke

Commercial Grade Products to ensure your engine runs at it’s Optimum, our stop
smoke pack is easy to add to your vehicle and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

The Pack is designed to;

  • Reduce Exhaust Smoke
  • Keep Your Engine Clean
  • Reduce Repairs and parts wear and tear/component wear
  • Saving you on long term repairs and increases fuel economy
  • Reduce harmful emissions

Stop Diesel Smoke Pack includes all 3 products.

  • CRD Fuel Enhancer
  • FTC Decarbonizer
  • Flushing Oil Concentrate

Easily take control our your own engine maintenance and save $$$ now! Satisfaction Guarantee!


Reduce Diesel Smoke

These 3 products are very easy to use…  How to stop diesel exhaust smoke is as simple as…
Adding the CRD Fuel Enhancer and the FTC Decarbonizer directly into the fuel tank when refuelling and adding the Flushing Oil Concentrate to the Engine oil.

CRD Fuel Enhancer

  • Is added directly to the fuel tank
  • Cleans injectors and restores spray patterns
  • Minimizes injector rattles
  • Reduces diesel smoke

Flushing Oil Concentrate

  • Is added directly into the vehicles engine oil
  • Removes engine oil sludge
  • Frees oil rings and restores compression
  • Reduces oil use  and exhaust smoke

FTC Decarbonizer

  • Is added directly into the fuel tank
  • Removes carbon
  • Cleans Turbo’s and DPF filters
  • Restores power and stops smoke

Packages also available for petrol engines

How to Stop Diesel Smoke.

Clean the Diesel Injectors with CRD Fuel Enhancer

Reduce carbon and decoke the engine with  FTC Decarboniser 

Clean oil rings and  oil sludge buildup with Flushing oil Concentrate 


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